The power of Affirmations

The power of Affirmations
What are affirmations?
 Affirmations are positive phrases and or sentences that you tell yourself to uplift your mood and change your mindset. For instance if you are lacking in self esteem, self worth or self love: a few affirmations you could say to help make you feel better would be “I am worthy”, “I am powerful”, and “I am loveable”. 
Why are affirmations important? 
Affirmations are important because they help reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your desired reality. How does this work? Whenever you say an “I am” statement, you are attracting/manifesting whatever you say at the end of your sentence. By saying affirmations you are projecting out into the universe what you want to attract (Using the Law of Attraction). If you want to become successful, a great affirmation you could say is, “I am successful in all aspects of my life”. The more specific you are with your affirmations the stronger the results will be.
By saying affirmations you are choosing what direction you want to steer your life in, by projecting what you want out into the universe. Thus affirmations are important because you are affirming the life you want to have.
The best time of day to say or write affirmations
The most beneficial time to say affirmations is in the early morning or at night before you go to sleep. These times are ideal because your mind is very relaxed from the first moments you wake up or when you are calming down to rest. When you say affirmations in the start of your day, it allows your subconscious mind to have the rest of your day to help attract what you desire. When you say affirmations before you sleep you also allow your subconscious the time to attract your desired reality while you are sleeping.
Why do I say affirmations?
The reason I started saying affirmations is because I wanted to increase the amount of positive self dialogue I had with myself, I wanted to manifest my dreams and desires faster. The main reason I write and say affirmations are for the fact that they genuinely make me feel better. I first heard of affirmations in a self care book, in this book they mentioned that affirmations can be used to not only make you feel better but also help open your chakras, by saying certain phrases that correlate with each of your chakras.   
Try saying or writing down at least five positive affirmations everyday for a month, at the end of the month see if you can feel a difference in your mood and mindset.